Hello. My name is Justin Bianchi. I live in Central California, and I am an ordained Roman catholic priest, having completed an STB in theology and an MAPM in pastoral ministry. This blog is an opportunity for me to express my thoughts on Scripture after studying theology at the graduate level for four years. I’ve been blogging since 2009, and the blog has evolved from a rather general blog on Scripture and the faith into a commentary on the four Gospels.

I follow the Lectionary readings used by the Roman Catholic Church. The Revised Common Lectionary has a generally similar cycle of readings for the Gospels. My blog posts are not sermons. They are commentary, or more properly, theological background notes on the Gospel readings.   When it is relevant, I may borrow or alternately critique the commentary of well-known scholars.

This blog is named for Roland of Roncesvaux, a ninth-century governor of the Breton Marches (Brittany), and a senior officer in Charlemagne’s Court.   He is memorialized in the The Song of Roland – a twelfth century work which is the oldest surviving example of literature from the French medieval era.  As an heroic epic, Roland’s story shares some similarities with Beowulf (the oldest surviving piece of literature in Old English) and the legend of Arthur. However, Roland is a very historic figure. He was a member of Charlemagne’s privy council – he advised the king. Roland’s Feast Day is August 15, the same date in which the Church commemorates the Assumption of Mary.

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  1. Dear Incharge,
    Greetings in Jesus name,
    It is really privileged for me to write to your ministry and I pray may Lord bless you abundantly. I visit your website and its really wonderful and amazing work which you are doing .I desire that I become the part of your Ministry and your stuff is really very good and kindly start work with us . I am Seraphine Shahbaz from Pakistan. Nine years before I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and I trust in Him as my rock and try to walk in Him, as the Word of God says don’t be lazy in struggle.
    I have studied your web site, and I found it the most wonderful site to get right to the True Word of God. I found that all your material is full of knowledge concerning development of religious faith. Living in Pakistan we Christians is to face many obstacles to get the access to the Word of God.
    Here is all information about my Minstries,
    We started these services for the Glory of our Lord Jesus and the main purpose of this work is to stare the word of God through preaching and through upliftment of Christian who is persecuted church here in Pakistan .
    Pakistan is Islamic country we are living here in minority .We have 2ndnumber citizenship . Christians people are living here tough life not have much resources .Now we discovered the major reason of this miserable situation is the high illiteracy rate and poor living conditions in these areas. After knowing this reality we decided a group should be formed, which would perform its role to improve the lives of the people.

    ### is a cluster of Saints to who are serving the God and sharing the word of God among the people as written in Matthew 28:19 “ Go to all the Nations and make Disciples ………………”

    Our first and foremost work is to share the word of God through Sunday Services, Home Churches Street Churches, Conventions and through Bible College.

    We are running a Bible College to train the young boys and girls to fight the good fight of their faith in an Islamic society.
    These students in this college are doing one year Diploma in Theology. They are studying Bible KJV and church history. Bible teachers are working voluntarily.

    Evening Home Schools:-
    we started this work with home evening schools for deserving Christian children .These children are working in different field like in small hotel , cleaning home and hospitals ,. And also with farmers So the education is the first step of the Development of Nation .So that is necessary for Christian people to know their religion Christianity and also know about basic education of this world .Now we started evening home schools in our working areas .Now this time we have 8 Evening home schools .
    Formal Education School :-
    In this world the formal education is very necessary for the children .Because Education is the first step of the Development of the Nations .Now in Pakistan English Medium good education is very expensives .so poor people cannot afford to get it .In 2003 we start our CAC School with Oxford Syllabus in Toba Tek Singh for poor and orphan children. In this field the volunteer pastors, assistant pastors and college students are struggling to find funds to support Christian students for their educational needs.

    In this Ministry our volunteer pastors and assistant pastors are taking Sunday schools for more or less 100 Children in different areas of Punjab. We believe that the children must know Jesus from their childhood.

    We are struggling to find funds to provide some orphan children their basic needs of life like education, food, clothes, medicines and other needs of life. We have an orphanage building and funds to run it in our prayers for these Christian children. We have 42 orphans children to Support ( We are supporting them )

    Women Ministry :-
    We have 8 women group in our working areas .We are working with poor , old and widow women .Women activities
    1-. women prayer groups .
    2-Adult Literacy centers.
    3-Health care center .
    4- sewing Center.

    For Future :-
    1- To reach millions of lost souls .
    2- Much more home churches to share the word of God with families .Pakistan is Islamic country mijority of people are Muslems so Christians are living here in minority .Most of people are not educated and they follow Islamic customs and habits and many things . Now Muslem s motivate them and they accept Islam .
    3- An orphanage to get all the orphan together and provide them a family atmosphere .
    4- To develop the Elementary school into High School .
    We do work then earn money to run our ministry. We dont have regular fund for our ministry. So this is my request kindly start work with God Bless us 4 children now 3 children are Gospel Singers . Sing for Lord here I am sending you the Link of youtube:


    Here is the link of our School children Activities.


    It is difficult to have Radio and TV channel for preaching in Pakistan.

    Friend, I humbly request you to expand your outreach your program in Urdu and Punjabi language. Urdu is the language spoken and understood by more than one sixth of the total population of the world. Urdu is spoken in Pakistan, India, Nepal, Afghanistan and also in Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran and others.
    I would ask you to pray and share it among the brethren. I would offer my services for being translator, recorder and distribution/sales.

    Most of the people in Pakistan are not capable to understand the English language. It’s because our national language is Urdu. My suggestion for you is to create your material in my language of Urdu and Punjabi also. It will bring lots of blessings of the Word of God for the Pakistani and Indian Urdu and Punjabi speaking people. For that purpose I as a translator will bring your material into Urdu languages and into Punjabi language as well. Although it will take your low expenses as well, as fund for the Word of God to reach out to the deserving people. As a translator I will take the expenses that will be spending just for the Word. I will be looking for your kind words on this my humble request as soon as possible.
    “There is nothing more precious than to read and listen the Word of God into your own language.”
    Here is the Importance of Urdu Langauge :
    Urdu is Languages which is :
    Urdu is considered one of the sweetest language of the world. It is the National Language of Pakistan and one of the Official Language of India. According to conservative estimates Urdu has 104 million speakers all over the world.
    ” Punjabi is another language .It speak in the Province Punjab of Pakistan and the Province of Punjab in India . Punjabi has 93 million speakers all over the world.
    We are a very small group. Kindly help us in our work.We are able do translation work and recording work in very low rates . Here we have 2 requests:
    1.Church Work
    2.Translation Work
    I request you kindly start work with us.
    Waiting for your response.
    May God Bless you.

  2. Hello, I was checking your blogs, your work is really good. I’m looking for a commentary about the Lord’s prayer in Matthew 6 : 7 – 13, I tried to find it in your blogs but didn’t get a chance, do you know where I can find a commentary that I can use for a bible study, I did some work on my own, but I believe I still need more. Thank you and God bless you

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